BOLO alert issued in Scott after some businesses fall prey to counterfeit money scam

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) The Scott Police Department is requesting the public’s help with identifying a person of interest in a possible counterfeit money scam.

News 10’s Rebeca Marroquin tells us what some local establishments are doing so they don’t fall victim and what you can do if you receive bad cash.

The man you see in the screen behind me is who authorities need help identifying. He was last seen leaving Nunu’s Cajun Market on St. Mary’s Street. He was walking with a cane and drove off in a red or maroon nisssan altima.

Now, some businesses in the same area are on high alert and warning their staff to be more aware of the cash they receive from their customers.

“I’ll definitely let my workers know. especially those, you know, who deal with money. just let them know what’s going on and to be aware”

That was Lexi Hebert with Uncle T’s oyster bar. She tells me that as a new business, falling victim to the counterfeit money scam would be detremental and told me about a tool she will now uses to protect her establishment.

“There is a marker that they make, that you can draw a line on large bills and it’ll let you know whether it’s counterfeit or not.”

And in regards to the man scott police are looking for? Hebert says she’s making sure all of her staff is on the lookout.

“I’m gonna let my front-house workers know; the servers, hostesses, bartenders. show the picture to them so that they kind of have uh, they’re familiar with what he looks like and so if he does come in, you know and it’s a large bill, to definitely take those precautions with that.””

Anyone with information regarding the man’s wherabouts is encouraged to contact the Scott Police Department.

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