Stefni Lotief, wife of former Ragin Cajuns softball coach Mike Lotief, suffers massive heart attack

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Former Ragin’ Cajuns head softball coach Stefni Lotief suffered a massive heart attack Saturday night, according to her family.

Mike Lotief responded to KLFY’S request for comment.

“Thanks again to everybody for your love and support and prayers. Stef is still in ICU and recovering slowly but surely. She is tough and she is a fighter. And she learned that through athletics/softball.

Some may remember what a fierce competitor she was as a pitcher – in fact, she was UL’s (USL) first All American in any sport and she was an Academic All American, too. Smart and tough and beautiful. That’s why I fell in love with her: a strong, confident, competitive woman.

Last night was the “craziest” ordeal I’ve ever lived thru – watching her have a heart attack then go thru surgery and be in recovery then have another heart attack during her recovery.

That ordeal went on for over 7 hours and she was a warrior – just like when she pitched and she never backed down b/c she does not know how to quit or whine or blame somebody else.

Just keep fighting and find a way to win! Again, thanks to this community (our home) for standing with US – and for your love and support and prayers: Stef has given her entire life to & for others – she is so selfless and has such a big, caring, loving heart and I’m glad to report that heart is still pumping and has more love to give to this community ; but for now — thank you for loving her back!”


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