The search is on for new UL-Lafayette head football coach

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- After seven seasons, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has decided part ways with Ragin Cajun head football coach, Mark Hudspeth on Sunday.

ULL Athletic director Bryan Maggard, met with Mark Hudspeth early Sunday morning to inform him that the department would be moving in another direction.

The meeting was followed by a news conference confirming to the public of Hudspeth’s termination. In the conference, Maggard alluded to the reasoning behind the cut as; the five to seven season, inconsistent plays, lack of attendance, declining financial support and the most recent loss to Appalachian state- to solidify it all.

Current team assistants were asked to continue doing their jobs recruiting. Meanwhile, Michael Desormeaux was appointed as the acting director of the football program. The organization says finding the perfect fit is the top priority.

“I think fit is important and how somebody fits. Fit doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve had to live here before, or been a part of this area, but they’ll just be able to think again, with that Cajun culture. And for me, as kind of an outsider, I define that as someone who’s genuine and relational. I think that is a personality that works very well here. And someone who will engage with our fan base, with our constituents, and somebody who will embrace that aspect of the job,” said Bryan Maggard.

Maggard commended the work Hudspeth did over the years, as well as, his impact on the team. The search for a new head coach is on.

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