Guillory family speaks out after rescheduled meeting with district attorney

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – Today marked another chapter in the frustrating and emotional saga for the Guillory family.

“We’re already suffering but now we’re being tormented,” says Dejuan Guillory’s mother Monica Fontenot.

If you remember, Dejuan Guillory was killed in Mamou on July 6th after an altercation with Deputy Paul H. Lafleur.

Guillory and his girlfirend were riding on an all terrain vehicle.

The deputy pulled them over while responding to a reported burglary.

In July, the Guillory family led a walk for justice around the Evangeline parish courthouse to show their displeasure with the legal system in light of Dejuan Guillory’s death.

Fast forward to today and they still stand outside the courthouse with the same questions and frustration they had months ago.

“We’re citizens that vote people into office to be honest leaders and we’re not receiving honesty,” says Fontenot.

Today’s scheduled meeting with the DA to find out more information on the case was cancelled.

Family members say they weren’t told why and they say they have not received any information on the case.

“My thoughts is that this is ridiculous. We’re not causing problems…we’re not doing anything to have them a reason to not tell us what we need to know,” says Dejuan’s sister Kiera.

The family says that have been holding visuals every Thursday for months on end.

They do this not only to pay their respects to Dejuan but to stay on the mind of the DA as well.

“We can’t grieve in peace because we have to fight this fight everyday…from when we wake up to when we go to bed and sometimes we don’t do that,” says Kiera Guillory.

The family says the rescheduled meeting is set for next Monday, December 11th at 2 p.m.

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