The latest on Dr. Pat Cooper versus the Lafayette Parish School Board

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – The legal battle continues between the Lafayette Parish School Board and former superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper. Cooper is still awaiting payment after the board wrongfully fired him in 2014.

The wrongful termination was a ruling handed down by the 15th Judicial District Court in May of this year.

According to Dr. Pat Cooper’s attorney, Lane Roy, the right and wrong parties in the case have been identified and now the debate is only about how much Cooper is owed.

“It’s very unusual to have this situation, to have a victory but not to know how much it’s for”, Roy told our news crew.

On November 14th Lane Roy sent a letter to Dennis Blunt, the attorney representing the Lafayette Parish School Board, with a detailed list of what he believes Dr. Cooper is entitled to.

“We’ve never heard anything from the school board,” Roy said.

The damages include Cooper’s salary of nearly $220,000 annually until the duration of his agreed upon contract—which is through 2018.

Plus more than a hundred grand in legal fees.

And damages for loss of reputation and pain and suffering.

All money Lane says his client deserves, a roughly 4.1 million dollar settlement.

Roy says, “I can’t force them to settle the case but it’s certainly one that responsible people sit down and say let’s see if we can settle if we can’t well then that’s fine. That’s what the courts are for.”

We did speak with Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent, Dr. Donald Aguillard, who said the board plans on going into executive session next week to continue discussing the matter.

We reached out for a comment from Dennis Blunt who is representing the school board but did not get a response from him as of news time.

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