Freeze Cloth

Its time for you lawn and garden with John Chastant, Chastant Brothers, alright it’s going to get cold you know we’re going to have a cold snap, we’ve got to protect the plants and all that just throw a tarp over them right?

No, no sometimes you can soother them because it’s too heavy. This is a light fabric we have here it doesn’t weigh down on the plant or nothing like that it breathes and lets moisture through. So like visqueen or something would smoother you know it ok if you leave it on for the day or something but take it off. Because if you leave it on when the sun hits it, it’ll burn your plants. But not with this covering right here. Not with this, you could leave this on all year if you wanted to. It’s better to take it off because the sun gets to the plant. This comes in 12 foot widths. We have it on a big roll we just measure out how many feet you want. Like if you want 10 feet it will be 10 x 12. So if you want to cover bananas or whatever something real tender it works very well. Or whatever plants you have that are tender this will protect it and keep the wind from hitting it as much to dry out. A lot of people lose their plants from them drying out during the winter storm. Works excellent, it’s not an expensive product but it’s reusable. I was going to ask you! So it’s a one time purchase? Definitely and then we have these little anchor pins like this right here to stick through, and stick it through the soil so it keeps it down, usually it’s windy on this time of the year. That is so true. You want to protect your plants during the winter you need to visit Chastant Brothers.

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