T.M. Landry students accepted into prestigious universities across the country


BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – One by one, doors are opening for students at T.M. Landry as they look toward the next step in their education.

“It’s a feeling that you can’t really describe–whenever all that hard work that you put in pays off,” says Dewellyn Howard, who was accepted into Wesleyan University.

So far, students in this year’s graduating class have been accepted to prestigious universities across the country including Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth.

“It was just a feeling of completion and accomplishment,” says Treston Egby, who was accepted in Tulane.

Everyone at the school celebrates together when they find out one of their own has been accepted.

One of those celebrations, when a student was accepted to Harvard, went viral on social media.

“I felt just like everything was just going slow at first and then just this big adrenaline rush of excitement,” says Egby.

Students credit the teaching style of the school for the success they’ve achieved.

“I feel like my education here has allowed me to expand my barriers,” says Egby.

Mike and Tracey Landry, who both own and teach at the school, say they approach the education of their students in a different way.

“What we try to do, number one, is show the students that we have love for them,” says Mike Landry.

They also work to push their students to new heights through challenging expectations.

“We don’t give study guides, we don’t even tell you when the test is coming, so that it allows you to become a thinker versus just studying things to take a test,” says Landry.

Students say this method helps them realize potential they did not know they had.

“I’m so blessed and so thankful that everything in my life has happened the way it has,” says Howard.

“I have the opportunity just like you–so I think the biggest thing to understand is that if you really want something and you set your mind to it, there’s nothing that can stop you,” added Howard.


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