Unknown Women buried in Breaux Bridge still unidentified 36 years later

BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY)-  Ray Pellerin has been in the funeral business for fifty-five years. He still remembers the call from December 5th, 1981 when authorities called his funeral home about a woman’s body found along I-10.

“I thought in those days, just a day or two we are going to find out who this lady is some family is going to come up and say hey that’s my daughter or whatever and that didn’t happen,” says Pellerin.

Pellerin says families from all over the country came to Breaux Bridge in hopes that they would find their missing loved one.

When no one came forth to claim or identify the woman, Pellerin Funeral home decided to donate a casket, hold a small ceremony, and give the unknown female a proper burial.

Pellerin says,” If I had a daughter or wife or somebody missing for 36 years I would hope that she it up in a community like Breaux Bridge.”

Pellerin says there are always flowers at her grave. About eight years ago the women’s body was exhumed and sent to LSU for her DNA to be collected.

Over the years Pellerin has kept the unknown women’s story alive on social media with the hopes of finding the family.

“I’ve been in the business 55 years, you know and I know what it means for people to have closure. And there’s no closure here for some family,” says Pellerin.

In June of 1981 a woman went missing from a VA hospital in Shreveport. Major Ginny Higgins with the St. Martinville Sheriff’s department says they are looking into the possibility of that being the unknown female that’s buried in Breaux Bridge. Pellerin says that if they do find family members, they will hold another funeral.

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