Report on DeJuan Guillory shooting: ‘He feared for his life and was in a life-or-death struggle.’

Deputy Paul Holden LaFleur (Evangeline Parish District Attorney)

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY)- More details have been released from the report into the death of DeJuan Guillory’s death who was shot three times by an Evangeline Parish Deputy Paul LaFleur.

Lafleur was not charged by a grand jury in the 27-year-old death on July 6.

Today, Evangeline Parish District Attorney Trent Brignac released portions of the completed State Police investigation that was presented in court on Wednesday. Portions of the report are being withheld as evidence in a pending case against Guillory’s girlfriend, DeQuince Brown.

Brignac said he met with Guillory’s family for an hour and a half on Thursday to discuss what happened in those early morning hours on a rural gravel road in Mamou. A second meeting was set for today, but no one from the family chose to attend, Brignac said.

“My sympathy goes out to them,” he said during an interview on Friday. He said his office has left an open invitation to meet with the family and provide further information.

Here’s a timeline created with the State Police investigation details provided to KLFY by the district attorney’s office:

-July, 6, 2017, at about 4 a.m. residents on Reeton School Road called to report seeing a figure leaving a shed where their four wheeler was parked. The sheriff’s office dispatched Sgt. LaFleur who spoke with residents and searched the premises. No theft was found to have occurred.  “There is no connection to the call he was responding to and the four wheeler,” Brignac told KLFY.

– The deputy was about to clear the scene when a four-wheeler passed not far from his unit, the report said. He then executed a traffic stop, asking for the man driving and the female passenger’s driver’s license. Neither individuals, later identified as Guillory and Brown, had their IDs.

– The deputy asked the man to come back to his unit, which was about 15 feet away from the four wheeler.  As they were approaching the unit, the male started to “wield and stuck Officer LaFleur multiple times about the face and head,” the report said.

-“Dazed, dropping to his knees, he said he was unsure whether he lost consciousness at that time,” the report said. “He did describe himself as being able to quickly regain his composure, right himself and pull his service weapon.”

– In her statement to State Police, “Brown confirms Guillory struck the officer multiple times” and then attempted to get on the four wheeler and unsuccessfully attempt to start it.

– Sgt. LaFleur then pointed his weapon at Guillory and instructed him to get on the ground.

The shooting 

-Guillory got off the vehicle and on to the ground. Sgt. LaFleur, still with his weapon in his right hand, attempted to restrain him with the use of handcuffs. The report said he was able to secure the left wrist in handcuffs but he was not tethered to anything.  Guillory reportedly began to struggle and resist.

-Brown admittedly, in her statement to state police, jumped on to Sgt. Guillory’s back and began to chock and bite him. “This was confirmed through photographs of bites marks and bruises on the deputy’s body,” the report said.

-The deputy said he was unsure unsure if it was one or both people pulled on his service weapon and attempted to disarm him. “He described the weapon as being pulled toward Guillory. He was in a kneeling position, maybe one knee on ground, he’s not exactly sure.” His other knee was on Guillory during the struggle.

“He described hearing the words ‘Kill him!’ or ‘Let’s kill him!’ and at that point he feared for his life and was in a life-or-death struggle,” the report said.

-LaFleur then fired his service weapon six times, three of which struck Guillory.  Lafleur described a “sense of release” after the shots were fired.

-Although Brown still remained on his back, LaFleur turned and then crawled toward his unit to escape the situation. Brown did get off of his back. He was able to get into his unit and call for backup.

-Brown remained on the bike by Guillory’s body.

-Guillory apparently was able to right himself even after he was struck, according to the report. “He apparently attempted to get back on the four-wheeler based upon blood evidence at the a scene. He was never successful to completely straddle it.” He fell backwards and was pronounced dead by responding deputies and medical personnel.

Brignac told KLFY that LaFleur’s unit was equipped with a dash camera, but it had not been used since a month before the July 6 shooting. According to State Police, the camera was inspected during the investigation in an effort to retrieve a recording.

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