City of Youngsville submits drainage project for federal funding

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Yesterday LCG ratified the results of the November 18th re-dedication election.

In January the council can now transfer nine million dollars to drainage maintenance. Joel Robideaux is asking mayors and councils from the other five municipalities in the parish to submit drainage projects.

During the August 2016 flood, Youngsville was hit hard.

Since then, Mayor Ken Ritter says that the city has been working nonstop to ensure that they don’t flood again.

Now that LCG will be moving more funding to the drainage maintenance budget, Ritter says he hopes to see even more support from the parish.

“The City of Youngsville got to work right away after the August 2016 flood of it, it was important for us to make sure that our residents could have some level of confidence as they move back into their homes,” explains Ritter.

The mayor supported the tax rededication. He says that the city of Youngsville has helped maintain drainage maintenance since the flood.

He says, “The citizens of Youngsville have done a lot of heavy lifting in the interim until the parish could come up with funding and a plan, and now that funding has been established through the tax dedication we are optimistic that the parish can now come in and basically pick up the pieces from the work that we’ve been doing for the past year.”

The city of Youngsville has submitted an application to the Acadiana planning organization to build regional detention ponds.

They are trying to secure federal dollars for this extensive project that has been in the works since 2015.

“The best thing to do is have somewhere for the water to go before we start moving around which in my Pinyan if you did that without the regional detention we are moving our problem around,” says Pamela Granger, Youngsville city engineer.

She says the project would cost up to $12 million.

If it is selected by the government’s office of homeland security, she says it could help drainage for Lafayette, Vermillion, and Iberia Parish.

“I think the biggest way we are going to fix this is to control our volume, but also to work together as a region. This is not a city problem, this is not a parish problem. This is a regional problem and we have to work together in doing and make sure we could stretch these dollars for the biggest bang for our buck in helping our residents,” Granger says.

Project selection through the federal government is scheduled for Spring of 2018. Youngsville is also prepared to submit other maintenance projects to LCG.


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