Lafayette Regional Airport prepares for the holiday rush of travelers

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Now that airports across the country are getting back to normal following this weekend’s power outage in Atlanta, travelers are preparing for the Christmas rush. Executives at the Lafayette Regional Airport expect to hit record numbers in flights this week.

At the Lafayette Regional Airport, people are preparing to board their flights to New York, Dallas,Houston and even back to Atlanta following this weekend’s power outage. Diving into one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, officials say unexpected incidents are a nightmare for everyone.

“Come here two hours earlier if you wanna get out of here on time, that’s all I can tell ya,” said Jereome Cormier, LFT custodian.

The power outage in Atlanta forced the cancellation of four flights at Lafayette Regional Airport, impacting 350 passengers.

“We have delay policies in place,” said Executive Director Steven Picou. He says they are capable to handle the set-backs.

“We’re going to have to address those problems as we go. We do have generator power at the building and we’re able to run some limited resources at the time,” Picou added.

Thursday is expected to be the big day for travel by air. And some travelers say delays and cancellations are sometimes inevitable.

“So it’s not something you get upset about. It’s something you embrace and find something you enjoy about it,” said Norman and Glenda Jones.

They are big travelers. They lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 20 years and made their way back to Louisiana. “Every flight was an adventure,” they said.

They are now heading to Indiana to celebrate the holidays with their son and grandchildren. ‘Enjoy the moment’ is the motto they preach. “For me, it’s an adventure, and if you approach it as an adventure, then you won’t be disappointed when you have flight delays. Like today.”

Anyone that is planning to travel this holiday season is advised to stay updated on the rules and regulations, as well as, calling their airlines directly for updates on delays and cancellations.

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