Local counselors help teens cope with anxiety and depression during the holidays

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Typically, the holidays are considered to be the most wonderful time of the year. But for many, this phrase is just a myth. Experts report that the months of November and December show an increase in those experiencing the “holiday blues” or depression.

The end of the year brings a variety of changes in the weather, time and our social environment. These changes, for many, affects the mind and body, causing Seasonal- Affective-Disorder. But, there is a way to beat the blues.

Seasonal depression doesn’t just affect adults. The Paxrenewal center in Lafayette specializes in youth counseling and have found an increase of teens visiting their office during this time of year for anxiety, stress, loneliness and lack of fulfillment. Counselors provide advice to cope with the mental illness. They recommend to begin new traditions, don’t give in-to holiday pressures, and to talk through emotions with family and friends, because they say grief can linger throughout the year.
“So the loss of a grandparent, which is very common for teens, or a parent, or a sibling, or even a close friend.. The holidays, you know we tend to reminisce, and we tend to think of being around friends and loved ones and when that person isn’t there, it can be really, um, really though for a teen. And so, it looks like their mood is down and it may or may not be depression but it certainly can be the holiday blues,’ said Roy Petitfils, a counselor at the Paxrenewal Center.

Experts advise anyone who is experiencing grief, depression or the holiday blues to seek help from their local resources immediately.

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