C.J. Saloom hearing postponed for January 19th

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – This morning marked another chapter in C.J. Saloom’s fate.

Saloom was found not guilty by reason of insanity, of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of a Lafayette doctor 24 years ago.

He was charged with the April 1993 murder of Dr. Joseph Tyler, who was in the process of committing Saloom to a mental hospital.

Saloom suffers from chronic schizophrenia.

A hearing regarding a murdered family member could be difficult for anyone.

For Bobbie Tyler and her family, a hearing three days before Christmas has been unbearable.

“Our holidays are completely messed up,” says Tyler.

Tyler is the wife of the Dr. Joseph Tyler.

Attorneys for CJ Saloom attempted to get a conditional release for him from the hospitalization program where he is housed in Zachary.

“Mr. Saloom was never convicted of second-degree murder. He was acquitted as an insanity,” says Saloom’s attorney Thomas Guilbeau.

The hearing today was prompted bySaloom’s mental health probation terminating at the end of the month.

His attorney says his behavior since 1993 has become completely opposite of what he displayed that fateful April day.

“He continues to have an excellent record…never had a problem with anyone,” says Guilbeau.

As for the family, they don’t see the change.

“You are supposedly reasonable guilty by insanity but all of a sudden you sane now. I think that you should be held responsible and he should be in prison,” says Tyler.

At the time of the stabbing, Saloom claimed the CIA and family members were in a plot to destroy him by shooting light rays at his brain from outer space.

The victim’s family will be in attendance for the postponed hearing in an over two-decade search for justice.

“We don’t have a happy ending so why should he,” says Tyler.

The reason for the postponement was to allow Saloom’s doctor, who he has seen most over the past six months, to be in attendance.


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