Local pastor housing Lafayette homeless at Motel 6

A local pastor is helping the homeless by getting them out of the cold and giving them a warm place to stay.

Pastor Lawrence Levy is not only providing food and shelter for Lafayette’s homeless community– he’s helping them get back on their feet.

Levy and his church, Freedom World Ministries, have rented rooms at a Motel 6 to house the homeless and supplied them with items for their everyday needs. But the pastor wants to do more– he says he wants to help them get back into society.

Now, he’s reaching out to the public for support, “We’re struggling. We’re a small ministry. Our resources are limited. You know, we’ve exhausted our financial ability to sustain these people. But I know that if we came together like a city and a community could, that we could do more.”

If you’re interested in donating you can contact Pastor Lawrence Levy at (678) 799-5712. You can also take donations directly to the Motel 6 on University Avenue in Lafayette, off of I-10.

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