Protect your vehicle during the cold weather

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Cold weather can ruin a vehicle before it even hits the roadway.  The experts say let the car warm-up before you drive.  Also, check the tire pressure and car battery.

There’s plenty of cold weather car advice at Lafayette’s Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service. “Make sure your fluids are topped off,” says auto repair employee Randall Humphrey.

Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service employee Frank Williams adds that regular maintenance is the best cold weather fix. “As long as you keep up maintenance on your vehicle through the winter, you won’t have to worry about it. Keep regular oil changes, coolant flushes and keep your tires rotated,” says Williams.

Most experts agree that dry rotted and worn-out tires run the risk of a blow out or other tire related problems. “Please change them because it can get slick out there; and with water on the road you can hydroplane because of the tires,” states Williams.

Williams explains the rule of letting an engine run about 20 minutes before driving-off is solid cold weather advice.  In fact, consider it a warning. “Let your car at least get its idle down; that way you know everything is being lubricated and everything is working on the car.”

Also, check the coolant level and use antifreeze; not just water. It’s the antifreeze that will help to prevent any water in your car from freezing up. “If you get water in your engine block and its dropping down below freezing, then nine times out of ten water when it freezes expands; and will cause damage in your engine.  It will crack your engine block,” notes Williams.

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