The Prayer Blanket Ministry offers hope cancer patients all over the world

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- The gift of a blanket.

Lafayette resident Judy Dunn received hers during her cancer treatment. And because of that simple act of kindness, she says she knew she wanted to give back to others who were also battling for their lives.

“I had never seen a prayer blanket before but she knew that Dunn’s was teal and Dunn’s was zebra and she surprised me,” said Dunn.

Judy Dunn was diagnosed with colon cancer in May, 2015. During her chemotherapy, someone from her church made her a prayer blanket, where people tie bows onto the blanket, promising to say a prayer.

That’s how Dunn met Kathy Mckenzie.

“And she came to tie a bow when I was in the hospital here on my prayer blanket,” McKenzie said.

The two quickly became best friends.
Only to realize a couple of months later, Mckenzie would also have cancer.

“I was pretty in shock. I just didn’t know what to think, you’re just in so much shock, you just can’t focus,” Mckenzie said.

Dunn then made Mckenzie a prayer blanket during her battle with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

“Very touching to know that people, this blanket is prayers. There’s no power in this blanket, but there is power in prayer,” Mckenzie said.

Dunn and Mckenzie are both cancer survivors now.
And they’ve grown the Prayer Blanket Ministry worldwide, making 695 prayer blankets since September, 2016.

“One is getting ready to go to Nigeria,” Dunn said. “They’ve been to Australia, they’ve been all around Lafayette. Kathy takes them to the Cancer Center. They go to Women’s and Children’s Hospital.”

Because for Dunn and Mckenzie, they say when someone’s health is taken away from them, giving the gift of hope just can’t be replaced.

“To know you don’t even know these people and they’re going to be praying for you, your doctors or nurses. It’s very powerful,” Mckenzie said.

The Prayer Blanket Ministry has about 15 members. They say they are always looking for volunteers.




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