Tree Pruning

It’s time for your lawn and garden with John Chastant. Today the art of pruning. Well it is an art maybe but it’s also the right time and the right plants to prune. See like right now you don’t want to prune azaleas, camellias, gardenias—because they’ll be flowering in a few months. And you’ll be knocking them off and they won’t have any bloom, you don’t play with that. But your trees you can start pruning if you need to. And other shrubs, what I like to do, trees that are deciduous or shrubs, like banana plants like this right here it’s an elephant ear that are going to die for the first frost, I’d go and cut them back. Get them out of the way so I’m not bothered doing it afterwards when they’re slimy and messy. So prune them now, put them in the trash and everything and get ready, in the spring they’ll come up with the new growth. Bananas will do that, these will do that. It just looks a lot neater around the home when you do.

Alright well you sell a lot of these products and all that but also you welcome people to come in and seek out your advice. Definitely we have people come in, we’re more than happy to give advice if they need.

Alright we check it out if you need some advice, what to prune and what not to prune, visit Chastant Brothers.

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