Pipes are frozen at the Zoo of Acadiana; Zookeepers are trucking in water to keep animals hydrated

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Temperatures dropped to the twenties last night in Lafayette. According to zookeepers at the Zoo of Acadiana, all the animals are staying warm.

Zookeepers tell News Ten it’s the frozen pipes that’s are causing problems.

“Unfortunately the pipes froze and some of the pipes that broke in night houses where we keep the animals, so we can’t turn the water back on until it warms up. And then we will be spending quite a bit of time fixing pipes,” says Zoo Owner George Oldenburg.

Oldenburg has owned the zoo for 16 years. He says this is the first time the pipes have completely frozen.

“In the meantime we are having to haul water in from my sons house and ice chest so we’ve been on the run this morning making sure everything has freshwater,” he says.

The zoo is home to over 1,000 animals.

Zookeeper Erin Fenstermaker cares for the giraffes at the zoo. She says it takes just a little extra to care for them during cold weather.

“They have extra heat, extra food, we have heat lamps, space heaters and they seem to actually be doing better then the zookeepers,” she explains.

Even though the zoo is closed because of the frozen water, each day has been pretty eventful for its staff.

“Yesterday we had one baby goat born, and mama right here had four, so probably the first quadruplets born in 2018. So they will be fine we are going to keep them under heat lamp and we will fix some bottles to help mom feed them but, I think they will do pretty good,” says Oldenburg.

The zoo will remain closed until they regain water power.

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