Waterworks District 3 of Iberia Parish urges water conservation to avoid a shut-off

IBERIA PARISH La. (KLFY) – The water levels at Waterworks District 3 of Iberia Parish have reached a critically low point.

Now they’re warning its residents if this doesn’t stop, they could turn the water off.

Employees say they haven’t seen the levels this low in a really long time.

Iberia parish president, Larry Richard says he understands why people keep their water running at night.

With temperatures at freezing levels, no one wants frozen pipes.

However, when such a large amount of people are using water at the same time, it can become a problem.

“You could have you know 20,000 people or more that are actually draining water from their lines as we speak. And that’s just too much. Even if you’re draining a little bit of water, and there are 20,000 people doing it, that volume increase- it increases very quickly.” Richard explains.

Residents are encouraged to conserve their water and instead of leaving the faucet running, drain their pipes at night or cover exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing.

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