Residents in Coteau say they haven’t had water since Monday due to freezing temperatures

COTEAU, La. (KLFY)- Some residents in Iberia Parish say they have been without water since Monday.

“We have no water right now. Can’t take showers, can’t wash your clothes, can you do dishes, can’t really do anything. It’s miserable,” says Health Delauder.

Freezing temperatures aren’t something we are used to seeing around Acadiana.

Ronald Daigle with Water District #3 says some resident have let water drip from their pipes since the beginning of the week.

“To prevent them from freezing the customers allowed the dripping that was excessive demand. Pretty much the second day when this all came in, now we had several broken pipes in the area,” Daigle explains.

Daigle says they are now finding empty homes that have broken pipes. Which is causing problems for the rest of Coteau.

He says, “If these aren’t addressed it’s like free-flowing water. We don’t get enough back pressure to make pressure in the lines to serve all the customers.”

District #3 has turned the water on and off several times this week. Waterworks will shut off the discharge pumps again at 12am to 5am to allow the storage tanks to recover.

Daigle says, “We are going to shut down as more of a maintenance to actually replenish our storage tanks to wear from here on I think we will be good to go as far as providing good service to our customers.”

Daigle understands that customers are frustrated, but he says they working hard to get adequate water back to every home.

“I know we’ve had extensive pumping of water to the customers we still had several areas that did not get sufficient pressure to satisfy themselves. And we apologize for that inconvenience, but as of right now we are getting to a better place and I see improvements in the next day or two,” says Daigle.

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