St. Landry horse sold for $15 gets a second chance at life

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – A horse was found wondering the streets of Opelousas– she was dubbed Eva 15 after St. Landry Parish Animal Control rescuers found out how little it had been sold for.

Many were shocked by the price tag, $15. But Stacey McKnight, director of St. Landry Parish Animal Control, says it wasn’t unexpected, “It didn’t surprise us. When you have an over-abundance of horses, what do you do with them?”

When Evangeline was found, she had a cut on her leg and a cancerous eye, which vets determined had to be removed. But the health problems didn’t stop there. The vet told McKnight that the horse’s cancer had metastasized and gone into her sinus cavity.

With this news, finances necessary to care for the horse grew exponentially and the center wasn’t sure they could cover it.

Fortunately for Evangeline, a rescuer happened to be in town and decided to help the sick mere.

“Melissa with The Devoted Barn says ‘look, I’ll take her’ so she started yesterday on a trip to Michigan where her veterinarian is waiting to start the next process. And the goal is to keep her alive,” says McKnight.

Although things are looking up for Eva 15, not all horses are so lucky and the center could use all they help they can get to provide for them. They also said that they’ve recently run out of hay, so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

You can take donations directly to the center, located at 255 Hanger Street in Opelousas.


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