Dedicated swimmers practice during freezing cold temperatures

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- The freezing temperatures did not stop some dedicated swimmers from heading to the pool. Crawfish Aquatics swim teams continued to hold their daily morning swim practices, ahead of upcoming competitions.

Practice makes perfect at Crawfish Aquatics. No matter the weather, even with below freezing temperatures, “off-days” are out of the question.

We’re in the middle of our short-course season. We have our state championship meet in about six weeks,” said Thomas Clavier.

Thomas Clavier has coached at crawfish aquatics for the past nine years. “These kids are driven. They’re dedicated, they’re focused and it just shows what you can do when you push someone,” he said.

He says over the years, the team has grown between 30 to now over 100 swimmers.

“I go to practice before school. Go school then go to practice after,” said swimmer Hope Lewis.

Hope Lewis is a junior at John Paul the Great Academy. She has been swimming for Crawfish Aquatics for over six years and describes the experience as life-changing. “It really has changed my life. It’s taught me so much on how to be apart of a unit, it’s taught me about discipline and working to achieve a goal,” she said.

With two-hour long practices, Coach Clavier enforces a healthy diet and tons of rest. “If you don’t have gas in it, no matter how nice the car is… it’s not going. if your body doesn’t have the proper fuel in it, it’s not going to fire.”

A typical practice includes fifteen minutes of dynamics stretching, a jog around the pool and then they hit the water. “Swimming is one of those sports where you’re going to meet difficulties, you’re going to plateau for a little while, but with a good team and a good coach that’s never a reason to stop,” said Lewis.

“A lot of people don’t want to be pushed out of their comfort zones, but that’s really what we want to teach these kids. Make them comfortable being uncomfortable,” said Coach Clavier.

Crawfish Aquatics Senior Black Group swim team will compete in their next competitive meet in Baton Rouge.


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