New Lafayette business providing platform for local artists

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Omni Center is best described as a community art center and general manager, Chad Lege, tells News 10 he thinks Lafayette is in need of a space like this.
He says, “We have a very diverse artistic community not only in Lafayette but in the surrounding areas, and you know, being able to give them a voice and a place to display their products or their works of art is going to be tremendous for us.”
From handmade jewelry to photographs to paintings, all kinds of artists have taken to the Omni Center to display their work in their vendor booths. Behind the booths, there’s a fine arts exhibition area as well as a performing stage, so the Omni Center is a place for all art forms to be represented.
“To be able to have visual arts as well as dance, performing arts in the same building, it’s going to be- it’s going to be wonderful,” says Lege.
And it’s not just artists that are welcome to the space; they also use the area as a special events venue available for rent.
Lege tells News 10 he’s received nothing but positive feedback so far, so he’s optimistic about the future of this young business. He adds, “I had confidence that the community was hungry for something like this. We had almost half of our booths sold before anything was even built and I think that’s a testament already.”

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