Ted Ginn Helps Lead the Saints to the NFC Divisional Playoff Game


NEW ORLEANS, La. (KLFY) – The Saints are celebrating today after defeating the Carolina Panthers last night for the third time this season, securing their spot in the NFC Divisional Playoff Game.

Ted Ginn started the game off right for the Saints.

He caught an 80-yard pass from Drew Brees giving New Orleans their first touch down of the game.

What makes that play even more epic, Ginn wasn’t even the target.

“If you watch that closely on film, Drew kind of shuffled quickly to his right and found Ginn behind the coverage,” said Saints Head Football Coach Sean Payton, “It was a heck of a play by him.”

A heck of a play that allowed the Saints to defeat the Panthers for the third time this season, marching on to the NFC Divisional Playoff Game.

“You know to go out and sweep a division opponent like that three times for them guys, they know us in and out.” said Ginn, “We have dogfights with them every time it’s just great things that keep continuing to happen.”

The dynamic duo, Alvin Kamara, and Mark Ingram have made their presence known all season long, but Sunday night, Carolina’s plan to stop the run succeeded.

Making the wide receivers that much more important and Ted Ginn the man with the play of the game.

“It was hard to find some of the coverage looks that you see so much of on film,” explained Coach Payton, “There was a lot of five-man pressure and made it more challenging and that all being said, Brandon Coleman, Tedd Ginn was outstanding. Obviously, Mike all of those guys got involved and it had to be that type of game.”

“The play call it was either me or Mike,” said Ginn, “It’s designed for the defense. I seen Kirk come down and I knew I had a shot, I knew I had a chance and I tried my hardest to get to my spot. Drew found me and the rest is history.”

Ginn was targeted six times, catching four for 115 yards and scoring one touchdown.

He knew he needed to step up and he did.

Now, he said he’s just preparing for that next game.

“It’s been a blessing, today was a blessing for us,” said Ginn, “You know we put all the hard work into this week we knew what we was getting ourselves into. We just tried to go out and execute and it wasn’t as easy as we wanted it to be but great plays came out of this situation and we just get ready for next week.”

Now, the Saints get ready to head to Minnesota and take on the number two seed, the Vikings this Sunday at 3:40pm.

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