LCG council approves ordinance amending downtown “bar moratorium” to allow for conditional-use bars

UPDATE: Lafayette Consolidated Council approves ordinance to amend bar ban to allow for conditional-use bar permits downtown.

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The Lafayette Downtown bar ban being lifted could help with economic development and have an impact on quality of life.

Alise Doll and Tim Phillips are two Lafayette residents who want the bar ban to stay in place. In fact, Alise says she lives in the Evangeline Apartments in the heart of downtown on Jefferson Street.

Alise says she has lived downtown for over 14 years. “When I first moved here there were less bars. I couldn’t sleep for a while and I was working,” adds Doll.

Since then, other bars have moved in. Doll says over the years she has grown use to those bars. She says she has no desire to have to grow accustom to any more.

“It’s not just the bars and the people but when they close at two the police have their whistles and the horses. I love the police, but it’s really loud,” says Doll.

Tim Phillips shares the same opinion when it comes to the bar ban being lifted. “Keep the bar ban in place. We don’t need more bars downtown,” explains Phillips.

Phillip explains that he’s concerned about heavy drinking and the activity that could follow. “It attracts a certain kind of clientele that’s not always the best in the west.”

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