Pat Huval, long time politician and restaurant owner in Henderson, dies at 88

HENDERSON, La. (KLFY)- Pat Huval, a long time politician and business man in Henderson, died Saturday January 6 at the age of 88.

Harvey Huval, Pat’s son now runs Pat’s Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant and says its one of the five businesses that Pat opened during his lifetime.

“He started with hardly nothing in his life. He borrowed $300 to start his business and he became a multimillionaire. We have a restaurant, we have a club; the Atchafalaya club, a pealing plant, a factory, and we have a hotel. Five business and all of them do well,” Harvey said.

“When he first came to Henderson he built a small restaurant. Everything he put his hands on turned to gold,” according to Agnes’s Huval.

Agnes married Pat when he was 18 years old and they opened their own grocery store in 1948.

“He was a hard worker. He had a vision that no one ever had. He’s the one that really had the vision to build Henderson to what it is today.”

Pat was also a politician. He served as the Mayor of Henderson for nearly 22 years.

Sherbin Collette, Henderson’s current mayor served under Pat for ten years. He says Pat’s legacy will continue to live on.

“Pat is gone now but he’s a man that will never be forgotten. I don’t care how old you live to everyone will remember Pat.”  Collette said.

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