Saints honor 2009 championship team before kicking off playoff season

NEW ORLEANS, La. (KLFY) -The Saints started Sunday’s NFC South playoff game honoring the 2009 super bowl team, a team that quarterback Drew Brees will never forget being a part of.

“You know all those guys, former teammates of mine. You know the list gets even fewer of the guys that are still on this team that played with that group,” Brees said.

Players like Tracy Porter, Scott Schanle, and John Stinchcomb were all in attendance.

These were guys that help build the foundation of a team now headed to the NFC divisional playoff game.

“I love it when these guys come back that to me is a sign you have a program and so I want them always to feel welcome they were a big part of what all of us are currently standing on,” said head coach Sean Payton.

As the Saints continue their road to the big game, they’ll never forget the guys that won that title almost 9 years ago. And they hope, they can build that bond this season.

“You feel like there’s a brotherhood that will always be there and you know guys who live in different parts of the country, they have their families they have their lives they have all this stuff going on you know you may not talk to them for a long time and yet you get back together it’s as if no time has passed and that’s the way it was yesterday seeing all those guys and seeing them later tonight and that’s the way it is. There’s a brotherhood there a kinship that can never be broken,” Brees said.

The 2017 Saints head to Minnesota to face the Vikings on January 14.

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