The Best of 90 Plus: Arnaudville woman shares her life’s journey

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Clara M. Broussard, 97 of Arnaudville will be 98 years-old in about two weeks.

Clara says she lives in the town where she was born and raised.

She explains she comes from a farming family where everyone did their part. “I started in the field when I was 6-years-old picking cotton, potatoes and everything. I ended up cutting cane with a cane knife,” says Broussard.

Clara has a clear vision of her siblings because she keeps a picture of them on the wall in front of the chair she sits in every day. “My daddy was married. His wife died when he (step-brother) was just a little baby. After my father married my mother; my mother ended up raising the little baby. I think I’m the sixth one on the wall.”

Clara explains that she spent her adult life as a cafeteria worker. She’s the mother of one child but adds that she has helped raise eleven children. Clara says she loves kids and it’s weird she only had one. “I gave birth to one boy; a son.”

She explains that when she retired she headed for Las Vegas with no regrets. “I was about 62 or 63. I went to Las Vegas and went to the casino (laughs).”

Clara says her niece wrote a book about her and called it “A Biography of a Woman Who Did It All.” The book represents Clara’s life, her travels, the good and bad times. “I didn’t worry about things,” adds Broussard.

Also, Clara shared that she was in the studio audience of the game show “The Price Is Right” but was never called on-stage to be a contestant.

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