Morgan City police officer fired, charged with malfeasance

(St. Mary Parish Sheriff'd Office)

MORGAN CITY, La. (Morgan City Daily Review)- A Morgan City police officer has been fired and charged with malfeasance in office after investigators discovered that she failed to report that illegal activity was taking place inside a Short Street home, Police Chief James Blair said in a news release.

At 5:17 p.m. Jan. 7, the Morgan City Police Department responded to a disturbance near the 100 block of Headland Street in Morgan City. An investigation was initiated which resulted in the arrest of two individuals, Gage Ford and Galen Ford of Morgan City. Gage Ford was initially charged with aggravated assault.

Police continued their investigation, conducting a search warrant at a Short Street home which resulted in the recovery of evidence indicating the use and possession of marijuana. Evidence was also discovered which indicated that Gage Ford, a convicted felon, possessed a firearm during the disturbance which was allegedly discarded, resulting in additional charges being filed, Blair said.

In addition, detectives discovered evidence which indicated that April A. Hudson, who was employed as an officer with the Morgan City Police Department had knowledge of the illegal activity taking place at that home and that she failed in her duties as a public servant and a police officer to report that illegal activity as required by law and the Morgan City Police Department, Blair said.

Based on that evidence, Hudson was terminated from her employment at the Morgan City Police Department and arrested on warrants charging her with malfeasance in office, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hudson was booked at the police department and released on bail. The case is being turned over to the 16th Judicial District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. The investigation is continuing and additional charges may be filed if warranted, Blair said.

“While it is unfortunate that this incident led us to investigate and affect an arrest of a member of our department, it is also an example of how serious this department takes the responsibility that the public we serve has entrusted us with,” Blair said in the release.

“We will make every effort to maintain the trust and the confidence of the public we serve by providing internal oversight. It is our duty as law enforcement officers. It is discouraging that an officer within the first 18 months of their career chose to make personal choices which conflicted with the duties as a Morgan City Police Officer. However, this profession requires us to make a decision to live with integrity and professionalism.”

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