Scott drainage issues continue

Some residents in Scott are still dealing with drainage issues. With rain in the weekend forecast, there’s concern about the potential of ho…

Sink hole

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Update

The population in the small town of Bayou Corne, Louisiana is decreasing by the day, and has been since a sinkhole formed in the summer of 2…


Walker man charged with fetecide

Authorities say a Walker man accused of carving a fetus out of his pregnant wife’s body will stand trial in Livingston Parish on Sept. 21

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BP cutting jobs at their Houston office

BP confirmed the company is cutting jobs at it’s Houston office. The company would not say how many of its workers would be affected, but th…


18-wheeler dangers

Crashes involving 18-wheelers can be some of the deadliest ones on the open road. There’s often a question of who’s to blame. News 10’s Brhe…