Miss P

Westminster winner a big surprise

Wagging her tail a mile a minute, Miss P became America’s top dog Tuesday night by winning best in show in a big surprise at the Westminster…

Sad Puppy

Adopting a Rescue Pet: What to Consider

So you want to open your heart to a rescued pet? There are millions of animals in U.S. shelters waiting for a good home. Are you ready? Adop…

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Protect Your Pets During Cold Weather

With this “Big Chill” that’s hitting Acadiana this week, it’s important for pet owners to remember how urgently our pets need our help when …

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How Does My Pet Recognize Me?

Dogs and cats have many cues to help them recognize us. Here’s a look at some of the different ways our pets know who we are.

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Help! Why is My Cat Peeing on Everything?

If your daily routine includes doing a room-to-room “sniff search” to discover where Kitty struck last, you know how frustrating and upsetti…

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Get Pets Ready For Your New Baby

  Are you expecting a new addition to your family?  As you’ve probably guessed, it’s likely to be a big adjustment for your pets, since they…

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Why Does My Dog…Tremble?

Many things may cause a dog to shiver or tremble. It could be from joy that you’re home, or it could be from eating toxic foods.What are the…

Lil Pubppy

Naming Your New Pet

What's the first thing you need to do after adopting a new pet?  Choose the perfect name, of course!  You many not have realized that y…