Have your pet blessed Saturday

You’ll be able to bring your pet to be blessed during an an animal blessing Saturday from 9-10:30 a.m. at Holy Cross Church.


Dog eats 23 live rounds of ammunition

Some dogs will eat just about anything – from 111 pennies to four tickets to the Masters. But one Arkansas veterinarian has kept a dog from …

When Hook, a Labrador Retriever, gazed into his owner's eyes it increased his owner’s urinary oxytocin - a hormone associated with trust and maternal bonding.  MIKAKO MIKURA

Dogs and people bond through eye contact

Dog owners often talk about their pets like they’re part of the family. In fact, it often seems as though the family pooch is seen as anothe…

Miss P

Westminster winner a big surprise

Wagging her tail a mile a minute, Miss P became America’s top dog Tuesday night by winning best in show in a big surprise at the Westminster…

Sad Puppy

Adopting a Rescue Pet: What to Consider

So you want to open your heart to a rescued pet? There are millions of animals in U.S. shelters waiting for a good home. Are you ready? Adop…

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