Fitness First – Falin Williams

Today I’m here with Falin Williams, one of our Cajun Fitness members and instructors. She’s here to share her inspirational fitness journey …

Fitness First – Tailgating

Saturdays in the fall seasons means  all day tailgating or throwing football parties at home. Don’t let the temping snacks, over-sized burge…

Fitness First – Hit Workout

  Want to do HIIT training, but a lower body injury is stopping you? We have a fat burning, calorie incenerating upper body HIIT work out ju…

Fitness First – Exercise Study

As we all know, exercise can save your mind and your health. But it can also be beneficial to your wallet. A new study estimates that regula…

Healthy Lifestyle – Ryan Hebert

Today in our Healthy Lifestyles of Acadiana segment we’re going to be visiting with Ryan Hebert of Grass Monkey Lawn Services and he’s going…

Brazilian Butt Workout

We hear it all of the time. Women want a firm perfectly round backside. Brazilians are known for their sculpted, curvaceous glutes. That’s w…

5 Exercises To Tighten Your Backside

    Switch Climber – Start in plank position, jump foot to the outside of the same side hand. Try to get the whole foot to touch down Keep y…

Candy Corn Cup

A tasty Halloween treat that you and your kids will love!

Candy Apple Swirl Recipe

Candy Apples are a great Fall treat, but they’re loaded with sugar! Get a healthier option in this edition of Fitness First!

Bosu Body Workout

What’s a Bosu, and what does it do? Find out in this edition of Fitness First!

Mediterranean Diet

Adults who follow the Mediterranean diet closely can slash their risk of heart disease by a whopping 47 percent!

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