New LHA Board Members

After months of controversy and court proceedings the Lafayette Housing Authority finally has a new board of directors.

Mardi Gras Economic Boost

After the oil spill took a toll on the economy, local businesses are hoping Mardi Gras season gives them a boost.

Kidder Search Resumes

It was just under a year ago when Earl Kidder was reported missing at the Sherburne Wild Life Reserve in St. Martin Parish.

Kaplan Food Bank Relocates

The Kaplan food bank has been providing food to the hungry and homeless for nearly 20 years and now they have to find a new home of their ow…

Mardi Gras Security

The city is going to be working hard to ensure we have a safe and fun Mardi Gras, and police officers want to remind you of a few things.

Legalize Marijuana Protest

A large crowd of youthful demonstrators marched on the Lafayette Parish Courthouse Wednesday.

SMILE Budget Woes

The SMILE agency in Lafayette and around the state may soon be in serious trouble if the federal government approves a 50% budget cut.

Consolidated Government Stays

The Lafayette Charter Commission decided to adopt a plan that would leave consolidated government in tact Tuesday.

Child Hit by Vehicle

An 11 year old is fighting for his life after being struck by a vehicle Tuesday night.

Fugitive Spotted in LA

We have new information on the man who escaped from a prison in Oklahoma and was featured on Americas Most Wanted.

Drilling Permit Hopes

The federal government has issued the first deep water drilling permit since the moratorium. However, politicians say, it's no time for …

New Iberia Deputy Arrested

A Deputy in Iberia Parish is on the other side of the jail cell, accused of trying to sell drugs to inmates.

UL Program Cuts

With budgets tightening across the country and here in Louisiana, higher education is feeling the squeeze.

Gas Prices Increase

According to AAA the price for a gallon of gas nationwide jumped 19 cents from $3.17 to $3.36 in just the last seven days.

911 or 411 ?

There is rising concern among healthcare professionals that misuse of the 911 system is putting stress on these services.

Acadia Parish Copper Theft

A recent string of copper thefts in Acadia Parish has one contractor more than just losing money.