Fugitive Spotted in LA

We have new information on the man who escaped from a prison in Oklahoma and was featured on Americas Most Wanted.

Drilling Permit Hopes

The federal government has issued the first deep water drilling permit since the moratorium. However, politicians say, it's no time for …

New Iberia Deputy Arrested

A Deputy in Iberia Parish is on the other side of the jail cell, accused of trying to sell drugs to inmates.

UL Program Cuts

With budgets tightening across the country and here in Louisiana, higher education is feeling the squeeze.

Gas Prices Increase

According to AAA the price for a gallon of gas nationwide jumped 19 cents from $3.17 to $3.36 in just the last seven days.

911 or 411 ?

There is rising concern among healthcare professionals that misuse of the 911 system is putting stress on these services.

Acadia Parish Copper Theft

A recent string of copper thefts in Acadia Parish has one contractor more than just losing money.

Deepwater Permit Issued

The U.S. has approved the first deep-water drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico since last year's massive oil spill.

Child Injured On Parade Route

A man is charged with attempted murder after running over a three year old girl along a Lafayette parade route.

LSU Student Attacked

An 18-year-old LSU student was attacked on the campus early Saturday morning while walking alone, and police are searching for the suspect.

Scam Alert

West Monroe Police are warning residents to disregard calls asking them to donate to an organization claiming to raise money for police dogs…

Church Reopens

Almost two years ago, Northwood United Methodist Church Members showed up on Palm Sunday to find their church burned to the ground.

Locals Trapped In Libya

167 Americans, three form Acadiana, and more than 100 others fleeing the violence finally arrived in Malta Friday.

St Landry Census Disagreement

Three of the most powerful people in St. Landry Parish are now teaming up to challenge lower than expected census numbers

Professional K9s

These courageous canines are now involved in just about every aspect of law enforcement.