Morgan City Employees Pay Cuts

A vote at the state level took a big chunk out of Morgan City's budget. Officials were forced to hack 2% from city employees' salari…

Arnaudville Drug Bust

Arnaudville police say, a tip about someone's gardening habits led to an arrest.

Sunset Drive-By Shooting

Sunset police are on the hunt for two men they think were riding around, shooting off guns.

Tuition Tax Break

A tax break for parents who send their children to private schools is being expanded.

Pipe Bombs Found in Wrecked Truck

The driver of a pickup truck was found to be carrying 10 pipe bombs after the truck rolled over on a Louisiana highway.

Fatal Crash on I-10

State police are looking into the cause of a fatal accident Tuesday afternoon.

Lafayette Fireworks Meeting

Lafayette fire officials want you to be safe with fireworks this Fourth of July, and they talked about it at Tuesday's consolidated coun…

St. Landry School Budget

A budget shortfall is forcing the St. Landry Parish school board to tighten their wallets at least for now.

Don Menard’s Announcement

Saint Landry Parish President Don Menard announced his candidacy for state representative of District 39.

Highway 90 Standoff

A man walking along highway 90 with a pistol generated some excitement Monday.

Bad Legal Advice

A former employee at a Lafayette law office will soon face prosecution from the Lafayette District Attorney's Office.

St. Martin Car Burglaries

The quiet and isolated areas of St. Martin Parish seem to be a target lately for car break-in's and it has many residents taking extra p…

Chemical Spill in Crowley

Fire officials were on the scene Monday, responding to a diesel that was leaking the chemicals it was carrying, at the Rice Palace in Crowle…